Sunday, March 1, 2015

Omeros Seafood Bros, Gold Coast (QLD) by Obelix

Omeros Bros Seafood is touted as one of the upmarket restaurants at the Marina Resort.  I found it reasonably priced with pleasant ambience and friendly service.

For a seafood restaurant, it served one of the best steaks I have ever sunk my jaws on - juicy and charred well.  The said steak was part of the Surf and Turf ($44.90) which consisted of an eye fillet with Moreton bay bug tail, king prawns in a light mustard sauce.

Friends of mine ordered the Garlic Prawns which came with a creamy mushroom sauce on rice ($30.90).

We shared a Greek salad ($14).  

Chips were diplomatically referred to as "vegetables" on the invoice to assuage the guilt ($9).  

Verdict:  We liked it.  

Omeros Seafood Bros is well worth the look in, especially for the Surf and Turf.  

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