Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Archie's Fish and Chips, Mt Waverley by Obelix

Let me say this:  I am not a fan of fish and chips.  I find it incredibly greasy and ultimately not worth the calorific intake.  However having said this, I LOVE the fish and chips at Archie's.

P read in the Good Food Guide (?) that Archie's was nominated best surburban fish and chippery.  We were curious so concocted a reason why we had to check it out.  I believe, if memory serves, the excuse was that Kiddo was being particularly angelic for the past two hours and deserved a treat or some such.

Here was "Kiddo's treat":

A selection of crumbed calamari, battered prawns and scallops, grilled salmon, fried whiting and chips.

The calamari were real rings versus manufactured seafood putty moulded into a ring shape.  But to really really die for were the scallops and prawns - huge, succulent with a light crispy batter ($2 each).  I could happily eat half a dozen as a meal in itself.  We have been back many a times since and Kiddo normally scoffs down three scallops plus a piece of salmon - easy.

Kido's piece of salmon ($7).

And a big serve of chips.  The chips were crispy and hot.  No soggy chips here.

Verdict:  We loved it.

Overall:  For a person who normally eats fish and chips once every three years or so, I have been hooked on Archie's.  I have been back there three times in the past month *hang head in shame*.  But in my defense, it's really good fish and chips.

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Marianne Faithful said...

OMG it looks so yummy!

EatAndBeMerry ForTomorrowWeDiet said...

Marianne, it was divine! I normally avoid fish & chips bc it's not worth the calories but trust me, Archie's is 👍

Laura said...

Looks great! Best of all, my parents live in the next street :D

EatAndBeMerry ForTomorrowWeDiet said...

Laura, lucky I don't live within walking distance - the temptation!

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