Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lefkas Taverna, Brisbane (QLD) by Obelix

Lefkas is one of my favourite Greek restaurants in Brisbane.  When I first discovered the place a few years back, it was all about simple but well cooked meals, generous in size and cheap in price.  Back in ye ole days, you had to go next door to the bottle shop to get your drinks, it was that pared back.  

Flash forward to today, Lefkas has undergone some changes.  The restaurant itself is two to three times bigger post renovations and has a more up-market feel.  The meals are half the size and twice as much as it was yester year but fortunately the taste is still the same.  

Fried calamari

On this occasion we had the grilled baby octopus and the calamari lightly floured and fried for the entree. They were about $20 each.

Grilled octopus

I normally also order the home made dips in the past - well worth a try as well.

For mains, we ordered a mixed yiros with a combination of chicken, lamb and pork - the holy Trinity of meats!  It was approx $22 for the combo.  The meat was tender and garlic-y good.  It melted in your mouth.  

Verdict:  We liked it.  

Overall  Despite Leftkas going up market, the integrity of the food is still the same.  I am still a loyal customer.  You can now pay by credit card - proving the convenience of the modern age!

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