Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Trashy foods by Bureaucrat

There are some foods that are so, so very bad for you but taste so, so very good.

For me, it doesn't come trashier than Colonel Sanders' Kentucky Fried Chicken.  I don't eat KFC often (serious!)... with a motto of everything in moderation, it means that I only eat it once or twice a year.

Also, the fact that I have to eat KFC in the privacy of my own home means that I'm unlikely to get tempted when I'm out and about.  I think I may have alluded to this before in a previous post, but there is no elegant way to eat KFC in public. To use cutlery would be over-thinking the whole experience, so one has to use one's hands.  Like some cave dwelling Neanderthal, I grasp a hunk of fried chicken and tear into it with my teeth.

Now, if you excuse me... I'm at home and there's a plate of chicken that needs eatin'.

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