Sunday, July 7, 2013

Bread Kingdom, Glen Waverley by Bureaucrat

One of my preferred Asian style bakeries is Bread Kingdom, a Korean chain.  While they're not as ubiquitous as Bread Top, I do prefer Bread Kingdom because the staff are always friendly and I almost always get a freebie with my purchase.  Plus, they sometimes offer tastings of their products.

While Bread Top has more range on offer (and, boy, I used to be sooo addicted to their chocolate ganache filled croissants), BK is smaller and cuter.  In my view, Bread Kingdom's products are simple in the sense that they're less sugary and more homestyle.

One of my favourites is their sweet potato cake, which you can buy in three sizes - the smallest serving 4-6 people for about 12 bucks.  Lovely moist cake with just enough butter cream to satisfy a cake craving.

But on this occasion, we opted for something we hadn't tried before - their tiramisu cake.  Rather unusually, it was decorated in light pink and green.

First taste, you could tell it was not a true tiramisu.  The cream was soft cheese cream blended with cream.  The cake itself was a chocolate-vanilla cake and not coffee.  For a tiramisu, it missed the mark.  But for a choc-van cake, it was pretty good.

Left to right: Swiss roll, weekend orange cake, doughnut.

Other baked goods on offer include Swiss roll.  Theirs is one of the better ones than what you normally get from other Asian bakeries.  Light vanilla sponge cake with a good cream-to-cake ratio.

The weekend orange cake is quite delightful.  While rather plain to look at, it's a moist, genuine orange flavoured cake that has a nice golden colour.  What I particularly liked about it is that it has finely diced orange peel dotted throughout the cake.  Very nice with a cuppa.

And I got a cinnamon-sugar dusted doughnut twist as a freebie.

Food - 8
Service - 10
Ambience - 7.5
Price - 9

Generally, I find the quality at Bread Kingdom to be better and the prices a littler bit cheaper than its peers.  With the friendly service (it's always with a smile!) and the lovely baked goods, I definitely recommend Bread Kingdom if you're in the mood for a baked treat to go with your cuppa.

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