Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Moat, Melbourne CBD by Bureaucrat

I have been very much enamoured by The Moat ever since Big Fil and I reviewed the place back in Feb 2012, a few months after it had opened.

Since then, I've been treating myself to a nice meal at The Moat every once in a while.  The Moat is my most favourite cafe - the food is fab, the service is great, the ambiance is fantab.  What I really love is that the quality has been consistently great over this time, and it's always a pleasure coming here to indulge in some perfect food and hide myself away from the world for a little while.  And I get a real kick recommending The Moat to several overseas visitors who end up loving the place too.

Outside, the astro turf leads you downstairs under the State Library. Inside, The Moat is decorated in an industrial chic look with lashings of Middle Eastern opulence, mixed with some hipster accents.

I love that it's slightly hidden and it feels that you're entering a secret club.

On this occasion, we made it a point to come for afternoon tea so we could sample its sweet offerings. I am really annoyed at myself and my camera - some of the photos that I took came out blurry.  So apologies for that.

The lovely staff (always with a smile!) came over and presented us the treats on offer.  We made our selections.

Ms C got a macaron with a cup of coffee.

Mr U got the apple/pear cake (second from left).

Mr S got the Florentine (top row).

I got one of the dessert menu items.  I forgot to write the exact name of the dish.  But it was poached quince slices w crystallised orange peel w pear puree, vanilla sabayon and some sort of biscuity garnish.  The quince was nicely tender without being mushy.  The sabayon was smooth and gave the dish a richness without weighing it down. It's fresh, fruity and light.  Yum.

I enjoyed this with a nice pot of tea.

Ms H got a chocolate-based dessert.  Three discs of solid, smooth dark chocolate cakey-fudgeyness.  It was garnished with pop rocks which Ms H liked the unexpected surprise.

Food - 9
Ambience - 9
Service - 9
Price - 8

I love this place.  It's consistent, reliable and the menu changes slightly every once in a while to keep things interesting.  You can tell there's real passion in the food that they serve.

Also, now that I'm developing an appreciation of coffee, I'm definitely coming to check out their aromatic brew.... and you can't blame me if I get a treat to go with my coffee!

The Moat
Basement, 176 Little Lonsdale Street
Melbourne 3000
Tel: (03) 9094 7820

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