Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Old Tree, England by Bureaucrat

A few weeks ago, I went rambling around north London to find the house that my dad used to live in. In doing so, we made a pit stop at Old Tree bakery. OT reminded me of the many Asian cafes, bakeries and restaurants back home.

This one is a Taiwanese shop that provided a warm haven from the wind and rain. Decorated in sensible, comfortable brown furniture and with gentle piano music in the background, you get a feeling that you've walked into someone's home. The light-filled shop has a range of Asian baked goodies - similar to those you'd find in Bread Top and Maxine's.

As we've already had lunch, we opted for some baked goods rather than the meals from the kitchen. To go with our tea and coffee, we had:

Spring onion bun. I love these buns! Plenty of spring onion and just a hint of mayo. It's been such a long time since I've had one of these.

The Lawyer had the coconut bun, which he said was delicious.

For cakes, the Lawyer had the chocolate cake, which was also deemed as delicious.

I had the orange mousse cake. The name for this cake is somewhat misleading. Smothered in between the cake layers wasn't mousse - it was butter cream. It was too much butter cream for too little cake! I scraped most of the cream off. Otherwise, it was delicious.

Next time I'd definitely would like to try the hot meals. There is a limited menu, but from what I've seen from other diners, the food looks yummy, filling and very home-style...think braised soy pork belly served with rice and tea-stained egg...yum!

Old Tree
105 Golders Green Road
Barnet, NW11 8

Telephone: (020) 8458 4112

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