Thursday, November 18, 2010

Le Relais Gascon, Paris by Bureaucrat

Paris! The city where I willingly broke my no-wheat diet for the to-die-for wheat-based goodies. And it was worth it!

Gorgeous pastries for breakfast each day, baguettes for a mid-morning snack, sweet and savoury crepes for the afternoon slump. Yum, yum, YUM!

Le Relais Gascon is a cafe/restaurant near the Moulin Rouge area.

For starters, the Lawyer ordered the escargot. The Lawyer had tried escargot earlier this year. He didn't mind it, but I was surprised that he ordered it again. When asked, the Lawyer said he liked the creamy butter, garlicky sauce and the mushroomy texture of the meat. Personally, eew!

I had the onion soup. This was my first authentic onion soup. I've this soup before, but always from a packet mix or some dodgy work canteen fare. This was full of flavour, caramel colour and the cheesy croutons made it morish. The Lawyer tried to steal too many spoonfuls from my bowl.

The entrees were both cooked really well, but the mains were just average.

I had the duck confit. While big on serving size, it was on the fried greasy side of things. The duck was a bit over cooked and didn't come with any sauce.

The Lawyer had the beef bourginon. Once again, while big in size, the flavour was lacking. This was just beef with carrots. I had expected it to be a lush, slow-cooked, deep and mellowed flavour stew. Hardly any seasoning and it was missing alot of ingredients, eg bacon, onions, etc.

While the mains were disappointing, dessert was as good as the entrees. We shared a creme brulee. Lovely thin, crisp sugar crust. Smooth, velvety custard that was just the right sweetness.

A mixed result. I'd say go to LRG for a light meal or for desserts as they seem to do this well.

Le Relais Gascon
6, rue des Abbesses
75018 Paris
Telephone: 0142 585 822

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