Friday, September 9, 2016

Saffron House, Blackburn South by Obelix

I love an honest to goodness authentic Indian feast.  The spices and flavours co-mingling in harmony, something I can never quite achieve the nuance of when I'm recreating curry at home.  As sublime as Indian cuisine smells and as much as my taste buds are awakened, Indian food in a takeaway container does not photograph well.  They invariably look like identical slops in a bucket but trust me, dear reader, they tasted waaaay better than they appeared.

We had an unexpected little Indian find in Blackburn South.  Our car broke down some months ago outside Saffron House and whilst waiting for the RACV, we inducted ourselves to Saffron House's menu.  So happy we were with the place, it ameliorated the pain of the broken down car.  However being in somewhat of a flap from the broken down car, I wasn't in the presence of mind to take photos to blog about it.  So a few weeks later, we ordered takeaway from Saffron House, in the name of blogging for you guys!  See how dedicated I am?!

Saffron House, tandoori chicken
Kiddo is not much of a meat eater however she makes an exception for Saffron House's tandoori chook.  To be honest, I forgot whether this was a half bird or a full one.  It doesn't have a pair of requisite parts so I'm hedging my bets it was a half bird yet it seemed like a really bit half bird...hmm...not sure.  Nevertheless, I'm not complaining.  It was wonderfully spiced with tandoor flavours and came with a mint and yoghurt raita.  

Saffron House, naan bread
We also ordered an additional naan and pappadam to go with.

Saffron House, Malai prawns
My personal favourite was the Malai Prawns ($19.50).  It had a creamy nuttiness to the sauce, kind of like a chicken mughlai but with prawns.

Saffron House, vegetarian makhani
P also got us the Vegetarian Makhani ($15.50) which was a mish mash of vegetables in a mild curry sauce.  Very kid friendly and perfect for those who can't take the heat.

Saffron House, eggplant masala
The Eggplant Masala was also very flavourful.  It was more of a dry curry with the eggplant being deep fried prior.


We loved it
We loved it.


I'm so happy we've found the Saffron House quite by serendipity.  I foresee plenty of mid week take away visits.

Find it at

Saffron House
96 Canterbury Road
Blackburn South 3130 Vic
Phone: 9894 4428

The Saffron House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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