Friday, September 23, 2016

Rustica Canteen, Melbourne CBD by Bureaucrat

There's quite a collection of yummy eateries around Lt Lonsdale Street/Guildford Lane - some of them have made it into my list of favourites eateries, including Gypsy & Pig (my fav non-sushi/sashimi Japanese restaurant), Krimper, Nieuw Amsterdam and Raw Trader.

Another eatery in that immediate area is Rustica Canteen, which popped up when the long-term road and building works in that area had finally finished up.  Rustica is a bakery and specialises in sourdough breads and pastries, which are made on-site.  It also dishes up some delish sangers and other bread-related fare.

Rustica Canteen, bakery, schnitzel
My memory's a tad hazy as to what Ms B and I ate.  But I do remember eating a fish schnitzel that had a delightful panko-crusted exterior.  The schnitzel was golden, crisp, not oily and didn't have a fishy aroma.  It was wodged in with lots of fresh stuff - coriander, red onions and a generous smush of avo.  It came with a little side of a paprika-dusted, mayo-coated, cauliflower pickle-y/coleslaw-y sort of thing.  It was rich yet sharp enough to help cut through the heaviness of the bun.

Rustica Canteen, bakery, pulled pork
Ms B had an epic toasted burger that was generously filled with spicy pulled pork.  Propz to her - she polished the lot!

Rustica Canteen, bakery, brioche doughnut
They also have a very tempting selection of sweet goodies on offer too.  I didn't try them this time round, but I'll definitely do so next time!

Rustica Canteen, bakery

Rustica Canteen, bakery


We really liked it
We really liked it.


It's great that there's a proper bakery in the city.  Definitely worth checking out.  They also a have a nice selection of salads for those wanting a carb-free option.

Find it at

Rustica Canteen
33 Guildford Lane
Melbourne VIC 3000

Rustica Canteen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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