Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Tolga Woodworks Cafe, Tolga (QLD) by Bureaucrat

One of my dreams is to build a beautiful log cabin and decorate it with gorgeous, hand-crafted furniture and knick knacks that's made from solid, old-growth timber - and I'm not talking about the dime-a-dozen pine, compressed wood shavings or solid wood veneer stuff that you get from all the mainstream furniture shops. Ever since I lived in Canberra, I just simply heart/love/adore the food and furniture (in equal measure) at the Bungendore Woodworks Gallery and Cafe in NSW. I love it so much that whenever I'm in Canberra and have a car with me, I'd most definitely make a visit to the gallery and cafe - it's just that wonderful. While Canberra may be 'meh', if you're ever near the town of Bungendore (which is only 20 minutes outside of our nation's capital), seriously, get yourself out there and see for yourself!

At the tail end of our Cairns trip, we made a stopover in Tolga, which is located in the Atherton Tablelands.  I wanted to check it out because there was the Tolga Woodworks Gallery and Cafe. Though it's a smidge smaller in size (in terms of furniture and menu options), Tolga Woodworks Gallery and Cafe boasted impressive furniture and delicious food as its Bungendore counterpart.

Tolga Woodworks, soup
Arriving there around 2pm, we were just in time to place our orders for a late lunch before the kitchen closed.  Mr Strong chose the soup of the day ($11). By memory, it was a spiced broccoli-based soup, which he loved.

Tolga Woodworks, pot pie
I loved my pot pie ($16), which had lots of piping hot tender chunks of beef and root veg inside, and topped with a crispy pastry hat.  It came with a super fresh salad - delish!

Tolga Woodworks, smoked salmon sandwich
Mother Hen and the Lawyer both went for the toasted smoked salmon sandwich, which came with sour cream, cucumber, red onion and a side salad ($15).  Both loved the freshness and quality of the ingredients.

Tolga Woodworks, coffee
We also got some coffee and tea to go with our meal.  These were served in these small and gorgeous wooden trays that you can also buy in the gallery.

Tolga Woodworks, cafe, gallery, Queensland

Tolga Woodworks, cafe, gallery, Queensland


We loved it
We loved it.


A great spot for a meal or snack.  Definitely worth stopping by in Tolga to check this out.  The food is fresh and high quality - which is testament to the great produce that's grown in the area.

Find it at

Tolga Woodworks Cafe
Cnr Kennedy Hwy & Tostevin Street
Tolga QLD 4882
Phone: (07) 4095 4488

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