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Thresherman's Bakehouse, Carlton by Bureaucrat

Thresherman's Bakehouse brings back waves of nostalgia for me.  As bright-eyed 17-year old uni student (yes, I was once precocious), I stumbled into Thresherman's and got bamboozled by the communal tables and left the place without buying anything.  They say uni opens one's eyes, and yes, my hayseed eyes were wide open and couldn't comprehend why anyone would want to share a table with strangers.

Nowadays, I can cope with eating at restaurants that have communal tables, though I still struggle to understand why people would want to rub elbows at the dinner table with Tom, Dick and Harry.  I mean, in any other situation you'd want strangers seated as far away from you as possible... anyone who's travelled on public transport could empathise on that point.  Therefore, if I'm paying for a meal, I want a table to myself, thank you!

As a uni student (or indeed a salaried slave), you can eat like a king at Thresherman's.  Servings are large and the prices are cheap; even better, the quality is pretty good, too.  I was curious to see if things had changed since I last visited there 12 odd years ago.

Thresherman's Bakehouse, Carlton, lasagna
Happily, very little, if any, has changed.  I was very glad that two items that we ate on a regular basis were still available, still tasted good and still at a good price.  I got both as a takeaway to share with the Lawyer as a nostalgic foodie trip.  The slice of lasagna is now around $10 - it's still meaty, cheesy and filling.  Good times!

Thresherman's Bakehouse, Carlton, chocolate mud cake
And we couldn't eat the lasagna without having a piece of the chocolate mud cake as dessert.  Equally, this hasn't changed - it's still big, fudgey and moist.  So good!

Thresherman's Bakehouse, Carlton


We loved it
We loved it.


It's good to know that some things never change.  My only regret is that I don't live, work or study near Thresherman's anymore.  Definitely worth checking out if you're in the area and you're not up for over-priced Italian food in nearby Lygon Street.

Find it at

Thresherman's Bakehouse
221 Faraday Street
Carlton VIC 3053
Phone: (03) 9349 2319

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