Monday, May 23, 2016

Flying Woks, by Obelix

I approached the queue of Flying Woks food truck with much anticipation.  They certainly had the theatrics down pat.  Mighty big woks and guys stirring the contents within with big spades.  It was how I imagine witches would tend their bubbling cauldron(s).  

I gather from the Flying Woks' website, they offer a manner of all things Asian such as noodles, steamed buns, as well as paellas and Moroccan tagines.  However on the day that they visited, they were serving two noodle dishes.  

Flying Woks, food truck, rice noodles, vegetarian
One was a vegetarian rice noodles with a Tom Yum sauce.  This is what I had.  I ended up eating two of these noodle boxes as it was a scanty on the serves.  It was a bit lackadaisical.  The quality was akin to what I can cook at home (I'm not much of a cook).  It could have done with more vegetables and tofu.  

Flying Woks, food truck, egg noodles, chicken
K had the Teriyaki chicken egg noodles which she ditched halfway.  She didn't enjoy it.  K reported that she was unable to locate any chicken pieces at all in her noodle box.  

Flying Woks, food truck


We wouldn't return
We wouldn’t return.


Minimal and missing ingredients... not much else to say, except I'm not going back.

Find it at

Flying Woks
Phone: 1300 00WOKS

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