Sunday, May 1, 2016

Happy Camper Pizza, by Obelix

I approached Happy Camper Pizza food truck with a bit of apprehension.  Can a food truck do good pizza? I wondered.  I was half anticipating food court grade pizza or worse still, the type of frozen pizza from the supermarket.  But I was pleasantly excited when I found out that Happy Camper had a wood fire oven built into the van and they were knocking out pizzas to rival a good pizzeria.

Happy Camper Pizza, food truck, salami pizza
I ordered two of the same pizza (greedy, I know).  Everyone in the queue in front of me were ordering the same salami pizza so I figured I would jump on the band wagon.

Happy Camper Pizza, food truck, salami pizza
The pizzas themselves were fittingly thin crusted, like a good pizza ought to be.  The crust had the wood fire burnish to it - bubbled crust and slightly smokey.  The toppings were appropriate - not too much passata to make it soggy and just the right amount of peppery salami, red onion and black olives so that it complemented the crust and not overwhelm it.  It was a damn good pizza.  I was proven wrong, good food truck pizza does exist!


We loved it
We loved it.


A fine restaurant grade wood fire oven pizza being knocked up real quick and piping hot in front of your very eyes.

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Happy Camper

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