Monday, May 12, 2014

La Morenita Latin Cruise, Sunshine by Big Fil

Outside of Footscray we’ve not done much exploring of the western side of town. That’s not because we’ve got anything against food from the west, on the contrary it’s probably got the most diverse food scene in Melbourne, but because it’s quite a hike for us by public transport on a Sunday morning.

However, checking out another blog (Consider The Sauce) I came across a reference to a place I remembered hearing about a long time ago as having one of the best sandwiches in Melbourne, La Morenita Latin Cuisine

La Morenita Latin Cuisine wears a number of hats, dispensing foods and wines imported from South America (particularly Chile I think), pastries, sandwiches, empanadas and of course the aforementioned sandwiches.

It’s very unpretentious in style, with photos and descriptions of the sandwiches on one wall, imported goods along the other and pastries, empanadas, chorizo, dulce de leche and a few other assorted goodies behind the glass front counters. Cooking is done out the back and the friendly staff serve everyone with smile, greeting customers in both English and Spanish.

With so many interesting looking options listed on the wall it was fairly hard to choose what we wanted to try. Arepas, empanadas, churros, eventually we both decided on sandwiches. Generous in size, meaty in texture and flavour, these are very good. Snooze was very happy with her Chivito, with tomato, lettuce, onion, olive, capsicum, beef, ham, bacon and cheese, describing it as one of her favourite sandwiches, ever.

My choice of the Carnicero, with beef, ham, bacon, chorizo, onion, cheese and mayonnaise was excellent. What was so good about it you ask? Unlike many meat sandwiches, where the meat has been hanging around for a while and has had the chance to go dry and tasteless, everything is cooked fresh, served hot and juicy. The tastes and textures of each ingredient shines through, and everything is cooked just right.

While I am not the biggest fan of South American style pastries, I am a sucker for a dulche de leche filling, the world’s best caramel. The main issue I have is I find the typical cracker type pastry a bit dry, and find it clings a bit to the side of the mouth. The cakes here are obviously freshly made and superior to most in that regard, with the best that we tried the horn filled with dulche de leche. Still, what would definitely bring me back is the sandwiches not the cakes. And the opportunity to buy a container full of dulche de leche.

Despite its location in a nondescript suburban shopping strip in an industrial part of town, La Morenita Latin Cuisine is a real local gem.

Food – 8 (higher for the sandwiches only)
Ambience – 6.5
Service – 7.5
Price – 7.5

67 Berkshire Road
Sunshine North VIC 3020
Tel 03 9311 2911

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RMIT Newintstudents said...

I thought you had a car, Fil? What happened to it?

EatAndBeMerryCrew said...

Snoozes car gone to the great scrap yard in the sky.


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