Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Shakespeare's Head, England by Bureaucrat

I have a confession to make - I've developed quite a liking for the food at Shakespeare's Head. SH is part of the big Wetherspoon's pub chain. I've never thought I'd like the place, as it looks quite dark because of all the temporary scaffolding surrounding the building.

On an impromptu after-work drinks at SH, Voucher Boy and I felt a bit peckish (naturally) and ordered some food. Since then, I've been to TSH three times in one week. I just love the cheap food and drinks!

So over the last few weeks, we had...

...Ms B got the red onion, cheddar and tomato pannini.

...I got the roast beef with Yorkshire pudding and vegs. It's not the prettiest dish, but there were three slices of roast beef (beefy and succulent). The Yorkshire pud and carrots were a tad chewy (from being re-heated), but the roast potatoes were crispy on the outside and the gravy was quite rich in flavour. I ordered this for lunch, and couldn't finish it - Voucher Boy had to help me out.

...A few of us got the grilled chicken breast burger with tomato chutney. Quite a generous chicken breast and I liked the chutney (not too sour or sweet).

...Voucher Boy got the grilled chicken wrap, which he liked.

...Last but not least, Mr H got the gourmet beef burger with melted cheese and bacon.

The drinks are cheap, and there are many dining deals to be had. I know the food is most likely to be heated up in the kitchen, but I have to say, I really like the food - and it's so cheap and there's a very big menu!

Another time, Voucher Boy and I had a drink and steak for less than 8 pounds - I was quite impressed with the steak, as it was juicy and flavoursome...much better than the overpriced steak that I had at Smollensky (more than double the price of SH steak).

Africa House
64-68 Kingsway
Holborn WC2B 6BG
Telephone: 020 7404 8846

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