Monday, September 12, 2011

Gerbeaud, Budapest by Bureaucrat

For my last trip onto the Continent (for awhile), we decided to go to Budapest. Among other reasons, we chose Budapest because I wanted to actually experience decent summer weather (the average summer temperature in London this year was 18 degrees sad, so lame).

While strolling around bankside along the Danube, we decided to get some ice cream to stave of the hunger as we inspected the menus of restaurants to determine where we should go for dinner.

There are many icecream and pastry shops in the city and bankside. I decided to go with the rather classy looking ice cream cafe, Gerbeaud.

Due to a bit of confusion (on our part), the Lawyer and I ended up getting the same flavours - peach and raspberry ice cream.

This was easily one of the best ice creams that we've ever had. Strong, natural, fruity flavours, with good chunks of fresh fruit in the icecream. The waffle cone was buttery and crisp. Double yum!

After dinner, the Lawyer wanted another ice cream. This time he chose strawberry and cinnamon. I had a taste, and I especially loved the cinnamon...very morish and it smelt divine.

Although the ice cream scoops looks small in the photos, they were actually quite big scoops - the waffle cones were huge.

I wish we had more time (and more stomach capacity!) to have tried the dine-in option. From what we could see, the cafe was quite popular, and the ice cream dishes and pastries looked delectable.

1051 Budapest Vörösmarty tér 7-8
Telephone: +36 1 429 9000

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