Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dunacorso, Budapest by Bureaucrat

After savouring our delicious ice creams, we finally decided on where we should go for dinner.

Everything looks more authentic in Magyar.

We chose Dunacorso, which is situated along the Danube River. There was a mix of tourists and locals dining here.

For starters, we shared a bowl of goulash soup. The Lawyer got quite addicted to this soup. It was a very flavoursome soup, with chunks of beef that has been slowly cooked in the soup. You could tell that the soup had been slowly simmered with lots of vegetables. It also had a tantalising oil slick which was a fiery golden-red colour from the paprika. I was expecting the soup to have a strong smoky paprika taste, but surprisingly, it was quite mild.

While we were eating, a three piece 'gypsy' band started to play. The band and their music definitely added to the ambiance. As a side note, I was intrigued with the instrument that looked like a clavichord (from afar), but I suspect that it's actually something else.

For mains, the Lawyer and I shared chicken goulash with spaetzle. This was my favourite dish. Juicy chicken thighs in a richly flavoured sauce, which went really well with the spaetzle.

Our other mains was the roasted goose leg with braised red cabbage, dried plums and mashed potatoes. I found the goose to be overly salty and a bit dry, but the Lawyer liked the dish. The red cabbage and dried plums were okay - I'm not a fan of fruits in savoury dishes. The dish was quite filling, as we struggled to finish the cabbage and potatoes.

The service was a bit odd. Our waiter was very stiff and wouldn't have hurt him to crack a smile once in a while.

Even though we weren't in a rush, it took a long time for the bill to arrive. This was despite our trying to chase it up with two other waiters. When we finally got the bill, our waiter made a deliberate point of stressing that the bill does not include a service charge.

Even though the waiter was just "informing" us that the bill didn't include service, I still found it a bit off-putting. Having said that, I'd prefer this than the "optional" service charge that sometimes get included in the bill (note to London restaurants - stop being tight ars3s and pay your staff a decent salary).

We decided to include a tip, but I reasoned that this was for the wonderful music rather than the service itself.

Aside from the service, Dunacorso is a relaxing place to have a drink and a meal, and watch the world go by.

1051 Budapest
Vigadó tér 3
Telephone: (+36) 1 3 186 362

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