Monday, September 19, 2011

Juhasz Cuki, Budapest by Bureaucrat

Following our dinner, I was quite full, but the Lawyer was feeling greedy and wanted to get an ice cream.

We went to Juhasz Cuki, a cute little shop, which he had spotted while we were decided where we wanted to go for dinner.

The Lawyer ordered one scoop of plum ice cream, and one scoop of canteloupe in a waffle cone - these flavours were two of the more unusual flavours. The canteloupe had a faint flavour and I thought it was quite sugary. While I quite liked the slight tartness of the plum ice cream.

A nice little shop with a reasonable range of ice cream flavours. But as a matter of personal preference, I preferred the ice cream that we had at Gerbeaud in the city centre.

Juhasz Cuki
RĂ¡day utca
Budapest 1092

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