Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Walkers Fish Restaurant, England by Bureaucrat

Visiting Padstow meant that I achieved a 'must do' item on my 'to do' list - in particular, dining at Rick Stein's Seafood Restaurant (but more about later). I'm so glad I did it because the food, the people, the scenery is as special to me as Mt Dandenong.

Padstow is so pretty and it's (thankfully) nothing like London. Such a pity it isn't more accessible by public transport. But I know that the remoteness of Padstow is part of what makes it special.

In the two and half days that we were here, we managed to fit in a lot of eating! So without further ado, we start with fish and chips.

Arriving in Padstow at 2.30pm, the Lawyer and I were absolutely famished (due to a series of unfortunate events the last time we ate anything was at 6am that morning).

Walking into the main part of the village, we both went with fish and chips at Walkers Fish Restaurant. Opting for the take away option, we took our cod and chips to the nearby benches that are dotted around the estuary.

Fresh fish, reasonable serving size. While the batter wasn't too thick, it was thicker than it's competitors (more about that in later posts). I especially liked the chips - chunky, crispy on the outside and mealy in the inside. Not too oily.

We were happy with the fish and chips. Couldn't fault it. It was certainly popular, as many people also were tucking to fish and chips from WFR. Despite the rather big seagulls (which presumable survive on a reliable source of fish and chips themselves), they're quite tame.

Walkers Fish Restaurant
West Quay
Padstow PL28 8AQ
Telephone: 01841 532915

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