Sunday, June 12, 2011

Adobo, England by Bureaucrat

Around where I work, it's pretty much a no-man's land when it comes to food choices. So when a new place opened, Adobo, I was a ready convert to its fresh, tasty Mexican cuisine.

Adobo is a streamlined manufacturing process that's geared towards the office takeaway trade. However, there are a few seats at the back of the restaurant.

For lunch one day, I got the three soft tortilla tacos with grilled chicken. The tortilla (as with the burritos) comes with your choice of brown or white rice; pinto or black beans, or onion salsa; salad leaves; corn or tomato salsa; cheese; soured cream; and chilli sauce.

I got the corn salsa with with white rice and extra guacamole, but opted out of the sour cream and cheese. I especially like the grilled chicken as it's tender and I love the chargrilled flavour. The guacamole is an extra 70p, and I figured they could have been a bit more generous with it, though.

Ms G got the vegetarian burrito, and opted for brown rice and black beans (plus the standard fillings). The burrito was hefty and got a bit tricky to eat without making a wee bit mess.

Mr M got the burrito with pulled pork and extra chorizo (plus the standard fillings). Both Ms G and Mr M helped themselves to the chilli sauces that's available if you want to up the heat factor.

Adobo is tasty, fresh, healthy and reasonably priced. The burritos are fairly big, and will definitely satisfy a hungry tummy!

I particularly like the salad burrito, which is a great wheat-free alternative. It has a loyalty scheme, and I'm only two burritos away from getting my complimentary lunch...can't wait!

87 High Holborn
London W1CV 6LS
Telephone: 0207 404 6976

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