Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tokyo Diner, England by Bureaucrat

I know I lament about (most) of the places that I go to. However, when we stumbled across Tokyo Diner, I just couldn't stop raving about it.

Usually I'm quite skeptical and wary of any restuarant in located in Chinatown (in any Chinatowns in the world, for that matter) but TD is not like the scrum you'd normally find.

Inside, a warm glow welcomes you in. The staff are efficient and friendly.

For starters, we shared the aubergine age bitashi. Served at room temperature, the eggplant were absolutely luscious. Full of flavour from the sweet dashi marinade/sauce, and very silky texture. The lotus root was perfectly al dente-esque and not at all stringy. The spring onions added a fresh note to the dish.

For mains, we both went with unagi. I went for the unagi don set meal. This comprised of a medium size serving of unagi don, seaweed salad and a medium size serving of soba noodles with some veggies. The unagi were meaty and just perfect. A very generous tray of food!

The Lawyer got a big bowl of unagi served with softly scrambled egg. It came with a bowl of miso soup. Generous amounts of unagi, which went well with the egg that enhanced the flavour and text - the Lawyer loved it.

Sustainability and generousity are the key words for TD. The food is sourced from sustainable sources, and rather than requiring diners to leave a tip, TD prefers that if you liked their food, that you come back again with a friend. What a wonderful and novel (at least for London!) approach.

We've been to TD a few times now, and will continue to do so. We especially love the sustainability ethos, the generous and tasty food (if you order any noodle or rice dish, TD will upgrade your dish with extra noodle or rice without charge - the only stipulation is that you're able to finish it so the food won't go to waste), and the great service. Five stars!

Tokyo Diner
2 Newport Pl
Leicester Square WC2H 7
Telephone: (020) 7287 8777

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