Monday, June 6, 2011

Aida, Vienna by Bureaucrat

Despite being tempted by the many chocolate and cake shops in Vienna, we showed remarkable restraint in not pigging out on the sugary treats.

But before we left for the airport, I felt that we had to at least try the punschtorte, which this rum-soaked cake that's covered in a rather sickly looking pink icing. I've heard of the sachertorte, but not the punschtorte, which according to the travel guides, this seemed to be one of the cakes that one had to try.

Many cafes sell punschtorte. However, we opted to get ours from Aida, a well-known cafe chain that have staff dressed in pink livery (perhaps to match the colour of the punschtorte?).

We bought one to take home with us. So after a few hours on the plane, we finally got to try this Viennese treat.

So how was it? It wasn't as tooth-achingly sweet as it first seemed. The cake was dense, but moist, with the taste of rum. Having said that, it's not drenched in alcohol. I have to admit, it wasn't that nice. It was sweet, dense, moist and slightly rummy...not much more I could say! Definitely something you'd slowly pick at while drinking a cup of coffee. I think I would have preferred a slice of sachertorte instead.

If I had more time in Vienna, I would have loved to dine at Aida and try a few more cakes and slices! Aida seemed very popular among the locals, and from what I've read, has achieved a cult status.

1010 Singerstrasse 1
Telephone: 1890 89 88-210

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