Saturday, September 11, 2010

Plateau, England by Bureaucrat

Plateau is a restaurant close to where we live. Living in a financial district you can expect the restaurants to be a bit wanky and over-priced. Despite this, Plateau does a reasonable job in providing a nice dining experience without too much wank.

On the day we went (a weekend), there wasn't a suit in sight, and the rest of the diners were all retirees.

The Lawyer ordered the venison burger. It was tasty and presented in a cute way. The venison was cooked just right - juicy with the merest hint of pink. Chips were crispy. However, the serving size was a bit on the small size.

I ordered the luxury fish pie. This was very morish. Lots of chunks of fish (salmon and some white fish - I'm assuming cod or haddock) with a token "king" prawn (that's not a prawn, this is a prawn!) or two. The serving size was about the same as the burger, but because of the richness of the potato mash, you didn't find yourself wanting more.

For dessert, they brought around the dessert cart. I love the idea of a dessert cart. The sauces are presented to you in little individual jugs. I picked the passionfruit tart. The tart was just right - tart but not too much. And the raspberry sauce was also of the right balance of tart/sweetness.

The Lawyer ordered the banana and chocolate tart. He liked it as it was chocolate.

A nice place for lunch. The service is attentive and friendly. While there was nothing wrong with the food or the place, I'm not sure I'd go again. I got the sense that they were very conscious to provide an experience that you couldn't complain about. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but somehow it just made this place a bit sterile. I think it's because it's clearly marketed towards business people who wants to wine and dine their clients.

4th Floor Canada Place
Canada Square
Canary Wharf
London E14 5ER
Phone: 020 7715 7100

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