Monday, September 27, 2010

Australia Dairy Company, Hong Kong by Big Fil

Just like Melbourne has its 'westernised' versions of Cantonese food, Hong Kong has its versions of western food adapted for local tastes. I was keen to try this style of food and after searching around on the Internet settled on the Australia Diary Company for breakfast.

We arrived fairly early but the line outside the restaurant was already snaking down the street. The queue moved quickly though, and we were soon sharing a small table with two other customers. While cramped this was a good thing, as there is no English language menu and the waiting staff spoke Cantonese only (or at least no English). Fortunately our fellow guests were able to explain the set menu options and pass on our orders. It was also extremely hectic but very well organised, with staff running around madly taking orders and delivering food. Everything came out fast and accurate and everyone seemed to be concentrating on the eating to make the table available for the next customer.

Each breakfast came with a warm bowl of macaroni and ham soup. It's not really something which I would normally consider breakfast food, slightly salty, otherwise a little bland and not unpleasant.

Better were the eggs with toast. I went with the toast with scrambled eggs; Hungry Pete the eggs sunny side up. Both were fairly plain looking dishes but tasted better than they looked. My experience is that normally in Australia breakfast eggs are served with a savoury sort of bread, ciabatta or sour dough, and something meaty like bacon, prosciutto or mushrooms. It's been many years since I have had toasted white sandwich bread with the crusts cut off as part of breakfast but I actually quite liked it. Combined with the fluffy scrambled eggs it was like returning to a kid's breakfast menu, with quite soft flavours and textures. Inoffensive and easy to eat.

Pete indicated the same for the lightly fried eggs - not an everyday choice as it would get a little boring but nice as a change.

The breakfast also came with choice of drink. I went for the Honk Kong style tea, which was a moderately strong very milky white tea. Hungry Pete went for the iced coffee, which he indicated was nice.

Popular, hectic, reasonable food and very cheap ($48 HK for the 2 of us). Iwouldn't travel miles out of my way to revisit it, but if in the area again and looking for something a bit different would happily go again.

47 Parkes Street
Kowloon Hong Kong

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Bureaucrat said...

This looks so unashamedly honkie! I remember the winter mornings when my mum would make us macaroni w ham and cream of chicken's soul food. =)

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