Monday, September 27, 2010

The Pizzeria, England by Bureaucrat

One of the first places that I visited when I arrived in the UK was Harrods. It wasn't so much for the clothing and the fancy trinkets but for its Food Hall.

There is A LOT of food for sale - for those who (such as moi) like to take photos of food, this place is a food pornographers' fantasy world. But on a more practical note, I wondered what they did with the food if it didn't sell by the end of the's a lot of (good) food being thrown away...such waste. I hope Harrods at least donate some of the food to charities.

I've bought a few food items from the Food Hall. While I expected most of the stuff to be ridiculously expensive (eg 54 pounds per kilo for some Australian nectarines), other stuff was actually quite reasonable and comparable to the supermarket chains (eg organic frenched lamb cutlets, seafood).

The first food item I bought was eight pieces of baklava for 2.90 pounds. It's probably the cheapest thing there! But it was the best baklava we've ever tasted and they definitely raised the bar for other purveyors of the pistachio-ed morsels.

There are a few eateries inside Harrods. I was intrigued by the Pizzeria as I can never resist a woodfired pizza. Apparently this is the first wood-fired pizza restaurant in London. During the peak hours, people would queue up just to eat there.

Ensconced in the high seats, which wrap around the pizza oven, you can see your meals being prepared. The Pizzeria has delightful stained glass detailing.

I ordered the Napoli pizza. It was nice. Good amount of toppings, but without over-crowding the base. Nonetheless, I was a bit disappointed to note that the base was a bit soggy from the tomato sauce.

The Lawyer ordered the lasagne. Piping hot and very rich from its bechamel sauce.

My sister ordered the vegetarian pizza. They got my sister's order wrong, which we thought was a bit sloppy for Harrods. However, they did promptly prepare her pizza and she got it without too much delay.

While my mother ordered the chicken and mushroom penne pasta. We all agreed that this was the best tasting dish of the four, and it was definitely the richest and creamiest.

The verdict from my family was that the food was good but for the price you can get something much cheaper and still of the same quality. The service was friendly and attentive. If you want to go, I suggest you go early. Otherwise you'll be lining up for quite some time (the Pizzeria only sits about 30 people at most).

The Pizzeria
Ground Floor, Harrods
87–135 Brompton Road
Knightsbridge SW1X 7XL

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