Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cambridge Chop House, England by Bureaucrat

Traditional English can be warming and hearty when it's done well. Most of the times it's done so-so. Fortunately for me the Cambridge Chop House does it very well.

I'd describe the Chop House as a very upmarket gastro pub. Having since moved here, I haven't come across many high quality gastro pubs (or indeed any gastro pubs - the focus in the UK seems to be on the beer rather than the food). So it was a nice surprise that the food here is fresh and prepared with skill.

Roast goose with kale, apple and peppercorn sauce. I never had goose until now. I liked it - very similar to duck. The flavours and textures all worked very well together.

Homemade sausages with mash and mushroom sauce. The Lawyer ordered this. The sausages were full of flavour and the mash and sauce was nice and creamy.

The Chop House is a very comfortable way to spend a cold afternoon for lunch. Open fire place, over two storeys, tasteful mood lighting, wonderful wooden's like having lunch at a friend's home. The staff are friendly and the food is certainly soul food.

A definite visit if you're in Cambridge. I'll be coming back here again for sure.

Cambridge Chop House
1 Kings Parade
Cambridge CB2 1SJ
Telephone: 0122 3359 506

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