Wednesday, March 3, 2010

GoldAn Fork, Melbourne CBD by Big Fil (CLOSED)

Bismi's GoldAn Fork is one of those places you could walk past 100 times without ever really realising it's there. The entrance is non-descript and the interior dark and in shades of brown more associated with 1975 than 2010. However, it does give it a retro sort of charm which is very Melbourne and puts the emphasis on the food.

Popular without being so popular that its hard to get a seat, GoldAn Fork is a personal favourite about 30 seconds walk from the office. Tasty and good value for money, it’s a good place to try something other than the northern Indian curries mainly available in suburban Melbourne.

Lamb Dosai ($8)

Bismi offers several sorts of Dosai but I've only tried the lamb. Made of rice and black lentils, this is made into a thin, crispy fried crepe containing the chosen filling. The dosai is then served with 3 or 4 dips and sauces. For the uninitiated the fillings can be a little spicy and the dips can be used to tone it down a bit.

Lamb Combination ($10)

Not available at lunchtime, there are a number of different rice/roti combinations regularly available for dinner. The only ones I've tried are the lamb and chicken combinations, and I preferred the lamb. The combinations come with Briyani rice, roti, a boiled egg and dipping sauce. Tasty and filling.

Non-veg Thali with Roti ($12)

There are a number of Thali available for Thursday and Friday lunches (Monday to Wednesday a lunchtime banquet is offered instead). This is served on a large round dish, with either rice or roti, and a number of small serves of meat and vegetable curries plus a piece of fruit for dessert. While the size of the Thali makes it value for money, it can also make it a little bit large for some as a lunch meal.

Coconut Uttappam ($5)

The uttappam is like a thicker, heavier dosai. If not yet full or craving something sweet, the coconut uttappam with caramel serve makes a yummy, sticky finish to the meal. The serve is quite large and big enough to share between 2 or 3 to finish off the meal.

Roti Tissue

Roti tissue is a paper thin, crunchy roti which is coated in something sweet. Often this is done with sugar, or in this case with condensed milk. Makes for a much lighter finish to a meal than the coconut uttapam or some of the other sweet rotis.

Tea Tarik ($2.50)

A necessity to go with any Malaysian/Indian style meal. One of the best in Melbourne.

Goldan Fork also very occasionally does a Chicken 65 as a dinner special is the best that I have had. Colourful, spicy and moist, this is absolutely delicious with briyani rice and a serve of roti. I don't know why it isn't offered more often.

Good quality, tasty and cheap meals different to most Indian available in Melbourne. The service is friendly and fairly efficient, and while the interior is starting to look a bit thread worn its not without its charm. A personal cheap eating favourite. PS - Please make the Chicken 65 a regular menu item.

Ambience - 6
Service - 7
Food - 8
Price - 8.5

380 Elizabeth Street
Melbourne 3000

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