Monday, March 15, 2010

A1 Lebanese Bakery, Brunswick by Big Fil

Part bakery, part café and part grocery shop, A1 on Sydney Road is a great spot for Lebanese style pies and pizzas. While there are a number of Lebanese bakeries in the area, A1 is easily the largest and busiest.

Cheese Pie/Pide ($3.50) and Lamb Pizza ($3.00)

While the food at A1 isn't necessarily the most photogenic (and I think we were having a bad photo day), it is cheap and tasty. The Cheese pie is my favourite item from the bakery, using a cheese not that often used in western cooking (Haloumi I think) which is simultaneously sweet and salty, and with a texture similar to an omelette. The lamb pizza is full of lamb flavour and topped with pine nuts.

Sausage Pizza ($6)

This pizza uses the same cheese as the Cheese Pie and not the usual Mozzarella. The sausage looks a little strange, but the use and balance of fresh ingredients distinguishes it from the cheese on toast with stuff thrown on top which often tries to pass for pizza.

Spinach and Cheese triangle ($3)

This seems to be the favourite of most people I go to A1 with but not mine. Nothing wrong with the Triangle, but I am not a huge fan of spinach or fetta, which is the cheese used.

Falafel Plate ($6)

Really, really good falafel. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and full of flavour. Unfortunately while the salad which comes with the falafel looks really interesting it isn't as good and so much is provided it tends to overload the plate. Less salad and more falafel please.

This bakery is popular with locals and visitors for the two best reasons - price and taste.

Ambience - 6
Service - 7.5
Food - 8
Price - 9

643-645 Sydney Road
Brunswick 3056
Ph: (03)9386 0440

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