Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Cook Peking Chinese, Nunawading by Snooze

I'm not a duck eater ... I've always considered it too fatty but the duck is something else at Happy Cook Peking Chinese.

But first off, to whet our appetites, were Mermaid's Tresses. Not duck but a blend of deep fried shredded seaweed and shredded chicken. Deliciously salty, but really interesting and I would have made an entire meal if there weren't so many of us and I was promised lots more ... duck.

At this stage I was still waiting ... and wondering what was with all the fuss about duck? In the lead up to coming I'd been bemused by questions like many people are coming, how many pancakes and buns should we order, how much duck will be left over and what should we do with the left over duck?

So when the first duck arrived, complete with pancakes, spring onion and cucumber .... I was hooked. It was delicate, it was light ... in short it was delightful.

I enjoyed it so much I wasn't interested in the buns which I left to the others. All I got of the buns was this quick shot as Big Fil polished off one of the last remaining.

And there was duck left over ... and what to do with it. The group decided on two dishes. My favourite was the delicate duck with bean shoots and coriander.

And after a good meal we rounded off with xiao long bao. I'm not sure why we did it when we went to a restaurant that specialised in duck and did it so well. Xiao long bao are an art form, something best left to the experts and I was sadly disappointed ... they looked grey and unappetizing and were far too chewy.

OverallBookings are essential for duck, and a large group essential to ensure you get its best use.

Ambience - 7
Service - 8
Food - 8
Price - 9

165 Springvale Rd
Nunawading 3131 VIC
Phone: (03) 9894 1663

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