Saturday, February 27, 2010

Finz upstairs seafood restaurant, Sandringham by Mmmm

At first I thought it was a plain old restaurant. But I was very wrong, it was a beautifully renovated restaurant with great views of Port Phillip Bay especially at sunset. The seafood food is so good and fresh - the Coffin Bay oysters are best eaten raw with a twist of lemon.

The seafood chowder is the best I have had - second to the lobster bisque at Lobster Cave although there is quite a difference in the process of making.

The seafood platter for two can definitely feed 3-4 people after having entrees. There are four types of cooked Coffin Bay oysters each with a distinct flavour but we found the raw oysters are the best! Delicious mmm!!!

We found the French champagne - Taittinger - recommended by Patrick, our waiter who is more like a butler with a white tea towel over his left arm, to be the best. Patrick's service was of world class standard - French style and he even offered to finish our champagne if we do not like it.

The food and the sunset views were great and the service was excellent... but the price is what you would expect of a seafood restaurant. The good news is there is a cafe/bar option downstairs for more often indulgence...the view is as good but not unblocked. Save the upstairs for a special occasion.

Ambience: 8
Service: 7
Food: 8
Price: 7

1 Melrose Street
Sandringham VIC 3191
Phone : (03) 9598 2355

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