Sunday, April 1, 2018

Little Sparrow, Chadstone by Rockstar

I remember when Chadstone was a bit of a foodie destination. It’s taken a while, and I think it will continue to improve, but I love the options now - whether it’s food court, cafe or restaurant. Melbourne had some pretty terrible weather and I didn’t want to stay home but it was too wet and windy to be outside. I took my book and headed to Chadstone! By the time I got there it was 1.30pm and I was hungry!

Little Sparrow, Chadstone, scrambled eggs with lobster
Scrambled eggs with lobster, feta and chilli and bacon

I chose Little Sparrow cafe (which also has an outlet in the new food court) as it was close, it wasn’t too busy and there were a few things on the menu I wanted to try. It was nice to be out of the bustle of the shopping centre, and it was a little quieter too.

Little Sparrow, Chadstone
The service was reasonable, though I struggled to gain attention from a waiter to ask for a water refill. I liked that they didn’t push me out when I was done, allowing me to sit for a bit and continue reading.

My scrambled eggs with lobster, feta and chilli came on toast with a pea sprout salad (see first pic).  However, I ordered it without the toast as I'm going low-carb here. I ordered a side of bacon... because... it's bacon!  My dish arrived without any pea sprouts which was a bit of a shame.  The bacon was very satisfying - a good sized serve with the perfect balance of crispy fatty bits and meat. Mmmmm bacon... sorry, I got distracted! The scrambled eggs were lovely. The delicate lobster flavour was subtle but very discernible - I’m guessing it was frozen but there was a decent amount. I always love chillies, and they added some depth and zing to a light dish.

Little Sparrow, Chadstone


We liked it
We liked it.
Mid value
Mid value.


A good brunch or lunch option to relax away from the crowds when shopping at Chadstone.

Find it at

Little Sparrow
Chadstone Shopping Centre
Lower Ground Floor (opposite Myer)
Phone: 03 9569 6941

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