Friday, April 15, 2016

Rob's Place, Daintree Village (QLD) by Bureaucrat

After a leisurely morning swim in the freshwater gorges at Mossman Gorge, we travelled into Daintree Village for lunch.  I was picturing the village to be more populated and touristy.  Instead, it's quite a small little village with only two or three places to eat.  Rob's Place is one of them.  It's a typical sort of regional town eatery - pies, burgers and sangers on offer.

Rob's Place, Daintree Village, fish and chips
The Lawyer ordered the fish and chips.  While the fish was a tad small he found it be sweet and tasty. It came with a rather odd but nice salad - sweet and savoury all at once!  Among the mixed lettuce leaves, there was a rambutan, a chunk of ripe papaya, pineapple, red onion, grated carrot and (most oddly) some scrambled eggs!

Rob's Place, Daintree Village, cheeseburger
I went for cheeseburger with chips and salad.  It was simple but nice burger - nothing fancy but it hit the spot.

Rob's Place, Daintree Village, pie
Mr Strong and Mother Hen both got a pie each.  These were so-so - the fillings didn't seem that nice.

Morning swim at Mossman Gorge


We liked it
We liked it.


The food is okay - the freshly cooked dishes seemed to be better than the pies.  Service is friendly.

Find it at

Rob's Place
3 Stewart Street
Daintree Village 4873 QLD
Phone: 0458 462 046

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