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Petit Cafe, Kuranda (QLD) by Bureaucrat

We fell in love with Kuranda despite the near constant monsoonal-like rain that followed us during our visit there. It's a town north east of Cairns and it's home to many a hippie who've embraced the lush, verdant rain forest surrounds. Apart from the many art and craft stores that make up the Kuranda Market, there are quite a few eateries to tempt your taste buds. While we had allowed ourselves a few hours to visit the Market, in hindsight, we should have allowed a whole day there - there's just so many things to see and (more importantly) we could have eaten more meals there. Some of the food there looked truly tempting and incredibly well-priced. Mother Hen and I both really regret being too full (and also not having enough time to linger at the Market for longer) to have lunch at this tiny eatery that was dishing out some amazing and enticing Indonesian hawker-style food.

Petit Cafe, Kuranda, banana crepe
Despite still being a bit full from breakfast, I made sure that I had at least had one meal at the Market, and I chose the Petit Cafe - a creperie.  My pan-fried banana crepe came with lots of toasted flaked almonds, vanilla ice cream and warm homemade dark Belgian chocolate sauce ($14.50).  

Petit Cafe, Kuranda, banana crepe
I inhaled this!  It was utterly gorgeous.  The crepe was thin yet big in size (yummo!), the toppings were of good quality and it all tasted beautiful.  I also really liked the fact that I could choose a gluten-free crepe (buckwheat batter) without being slugged extra on the price.

Petit Cafe, Kuranda, crepe
While it was much simpler, the Lawyer's wheat flour crepe with cinnamon sugar and butter ($6.50) was equally delicious.

Petit Cafe, Kuranda, coffee
We also got a couple pots of tea and coffee.

Petit Cafe, Kuranda, crepes

Kuranda Market, Queensland
Kuranda Market


We loved it
We loved it.


Definitely worth stopping at Petit Cafe for a little something, something.  I would love to go back one day and try the savoury crepes, which going by what we saw on the adjoining tables, look scrumptious.

Find it at

Petit Cafe
The Original Rainforest Market
Therwine Street
Kuranda QLD 4881
Phone: 0421 799 131

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