Saturday, September 20, 2014

Rama Thai, Ashwood by Bureaucrat

Don’t you hate it when you’ve had dinner but you’re still feeling peckish a little while later?  Having found ourselves in this situation, my mind turned to getting some takeaway to fill the hungry void.  As we weren’t near home at the time, we couldn’t go to our usual reliable Danny’s Kopitiam for food.  

Instead, we tried potluck along the Ashwood shopping strip, which is near the intersection of Warrigal and High Street roads.  I had spotted Rama Thai as I had driven past it numerous times.  And I thought this would be the occasion for us to try it out.  It’s a small suburban eatery – there’s a few tables inside but it’s cramped and it seems like everything inside (the walls, tables, chairs, floors) have seen better days. 

 The prawn pad Thai was so-so.  The first thing I noticed were the oddly shaped and off-white peanuts.  They hadn’t been properly toasted – the peanuts weren’t crunchy but were waxy in texture instead and with a burnt flavour to them.  They didn’t taste or look fresh so we scraped off as much of the peanuts and the rest of the noodles were okay.  A couple of medium sized prawns, a reasonable savoury gravy but I was missing the nice wedge of lemon to give the noodles a bit of life.

The Thai fried rice was also so-so.  Slivers of chicken tossed through with chunks of tomato with slices of cucumber down the side.  There was an okay amount of egg through it but the rice itself was lacking wok hei.

Food – 6
Ambiance – 5.5
Service – 7
Price – 6.5 

I don’t want to be mean but the food here isn’t too flash.  Perhaps we ordered wrong.  But given there are other Thai restaurants along the shopping strip, I’d be trying those places next time.

Rama Thai
531 Warrigal Road
Ashwood 3147
Telephone: 9885 9060

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