Sunday, September 7, 2014

Bar Ampere, Melbourne CBD by Bureaucrat

Having reconnected with a long lost friend, Ms N, we were keen to catch up on old times and everything that’s happened since then. Guided by Ms N, we started our night at one of her favourite places, Bar Ampere.  The bar has this fin de si├Ęcle vibe to the place - there’s a certain (contrived) rustic-y element to the place but there’s a lot of understated European glam.  You could imagine Sally Bowles languishing in this bar after her set at the Kit Kat Klub.

Bar Ampere is fashionably hip enough to charge a premium for their drinks, in particular, their cocktails.  They charge, on average, about $20 per cocktail.  While I can’t remember the names of the cocktails we ordered (they rotate their specials quite often), I do remember mine being citrus-y, sharp and full of spirits – just the way I like my cocktails.

Ms N’s was a warm creamy concoction which she liked so much that she ordered two of them.

For eats, we ordered two small plates to share.  Ms N chose the chicken liver parfait w masala jelly w red onion jam.  Deliciously smooth and rich chicken livers and a properly boozy jelly.  The onion jam was pretty good with its long, straggling slivers of onion which had a nicely balanced sweet and tart flavor.

I chose the porcini cigars.  I love the presentation of them, they really do look like cigars in an ash tray!  A gorgeously thin wafer that wrapped around a rich and creamy mushroom filling.  The ‘ashes’ tasted strongly of the earthy porcini.  To eat it, you stubbed an end of the cigar into the ashes.  I did wish, however, that the whole cigar was filled with the mushroom filling (only the ends had the filling).

Food – 7.5
Service – 7.5
Ambiance - 7.5
Price – 6.5

The friendly bar staff lift the otherwise moody vibe of the place… although, I do admit that on the night we went, it was dark, raining and windy.  So the place could look and feel quite different during the day.  The bar staff are quite knowledgeable of their wares and are happy to help you pick our your poison.

The food is good quality, although I thought it was a wee bit pricey.  Two cocktails and a nibble could easily set you back $50.  The hip pocket may sting a bit but the benefit is you get quality cocktails and a lovely atmosphere to socialize in.

Bar Ampere
16 Russell Place
Melbourne 3000 
Telephone: 9663 7557

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