Saturday, February 8, 2014

Foxtrot Charlie, Brunswick by Bureaucrat

When I spotted Foxtrot Charlie, I knew I wanted to try it.  With such a cool name like Foxtrot Charlie, it had to be good.... make that, really, really great! It's schmick, it's industrial, it's not too hipster.... and I loved it!

A very cool concrete fit out with these funky bronze, metallic light fittings, chunky woody wall art and the piece de resistance, the aircraft hanging in the room (with a name like Foxtrot Charlie, how could they not have an airplane!).

There were so many interesting and tasty sounding dishes on offer.  As I love almost anything in a fritter form, I went for the St Joseph's Day Fritter, which is made up of a savoury ricotta fritter served w sauteed mushrooms, speck and pea fondue.  Visually, I loved the bright green puree, which was so smooth in textured.  It was a lovely base to go with the meaty slices of mushrooms and the light, fluffy ricotta fritter.  And I also loved the strip of salty speck.  I wiped my plate clean!

Control Tower, requesting permission to land...

While I wolfed down my delicious brunch in silence (can't talk, eating), the Lawyer was enjoying his mustard ham hock terrine, pork and fennel sausage, served with white beans, roasted toms w slow cooked egg on brioche.  A filling dish of good quality ham and sausage, both of which were meaty and not too salty and full of flavour.  The white beans were lovely al dente and the egg and toms gave a nice squishy and juiciness to the dish.

Our taste buds came alive with a duo of Calmer Sutra chai lattes made with soy milk.  Man, I've had Calmer Sutra chai before but they never tasted this good!   This must have been an extra fresh batch, as all the aromas from the cinnamon, cardamon and cloves were just bursting.

Food - 9.5
Ambiance - 8
Service - 7.5
Price - 7.5

I'm loving Foxtrot Charlie!  Loved the fresh food, the great flavours and the friendly service.  I can't wait to go back - and I'm definitely going back to get more of that zingy chai and to try out more of their dishes... yum, yum, yum!

Foxtrot Charlie
359 Sydney Road 
Brunswick 3056
Telephone: 9387 3397

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obelix glutt said...

this looks like an awesome place. it's going down on my list of places to visit!

Bureaucrat said...

I'd love to tag along!

Bureaucrat said...
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Cindy said...

We had a really nice brunch there last weekend - I can recommend the pears and brioche. I reckon I'll try that mushroom dish next time I'm there.

Bureaucrat said...

Oh my, thanks for sharing, Cindy :) I'd definitely would like to try out some of their sweet stuff. They also had these cute little cakes and pastries on the counter.

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