Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ikea Restaurant, Springvale by Bureaucrat

Okay. I know this may seem odd to some people, but I definitely believe Ikea's restaurant deserves a blog entry. During a recent shopping trip at Ikea for a Fjellse and possibly a Sultan, I, naturally, got hungry. And of course, one naturally goes to Ikea's cafe, because it's right there and it's cheap. What to order? Their Swedish meatballs.

I know there's a bit of a fan club of Ikea's Swedish meatball lovers out there. A few of my friends were skeptics, but when I challenged them to try one, they all end up loving them as much as I do.

From a kids' size (which is pictured here) to a big adult-size plateful of porkish goodness. Smooth in texture, lovely dunked in Ikea's lingonberry sauce (it's obscured by the chips in the photo), creamy gravy and lots of chips. There's something so comforting about this dish.

Food - 8
Ambience - 7
Service - 7
Price - 10

If you're already an Ikea meatball fan, well, there's no need for me to tell you to go eat them. And if you're like me, eat them there, and then buy a 1kg bag of frozen meatballs, lingonberry jam and the packet of gravy to cook at home...and buy a soft serve ice cream cone when you leave the store.

If you're a skeptic go treat yourself to a culinary experience - don't knock it until you've tried it. Ikea's furniture may be dodgy, but the meatballs sure ain't.

Ikea Restaurant and Cafe
917 Princes Highway
Springvale 3171
Telephone: 8523 2154

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Delhi Food said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along.Some great tips here

katy_em said...

i'm glad you liked the meatballs. Try out the one in Richmond

Bureaucrat said...

i used to go to the richmond ikea before they opened this one in clayton

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