Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lizard Etterem, Budapest by Bureaucrat

Following a relaxing day at the Szechenyi Bath, the Lawyer and I strolled down the main shopping area of Vaci Ucta in search for dinner.

After inspecting quite a few menus, we settled on Lizard Etterem. Ironically, it was the first restaurant that we inspected.

For drinks, we got a G&T and a rather delicious virginal Sex On The Beach.

Not wanting to pass up an(other) opportunity to have goulash soup, the Lawyer ordered it as his starter. This was just as nice as the one we had at the night before, but had a much stronger smoky paprika flavour, which I preferred.

For mains, I got the pike perch fillet roasted in vanilla seasoned butter with lime seasoned smashed potatoes. The perch was firm and succulent, but I couldn't taste any vanilla. The lime mashed potatoes was quite nice and had a subtle citrusy zing to the potatoes. The dish was dotted with reduced balsamic vinegar and very zesty lime olive oil. Although I liked the dish, I felt that the serving size was a bit on the small side.

The Lawyer got the country chicken stew with dumplings. The chicken had been slowly cooked, and was very tender and morish. The dumplings were spaetzle that was baked with a white sauce. We both enjoyed this dish.

Lizard Etterem is a nice place for a meal. By the time we finished, there were quite a more diners. However, the service was quite slow. There was a hawker (naturally, it was a beautiful young lady) pulling in punters, and only one waiter who appeared to be taking all the orders, making the drinks and serving the meals.

Lizard Etterem
RĂ¡day utca 16
Budapest 1092
Telephone: +36 1 299 07 02


Anonymous said...

The soup looks great! What is in the package on top of the fish?

iron man

Bureaucrat said...

The thing on the fish was a half a lime wrapped in a mesh cloth (to catch the pips).

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