Saturday, September 24, 2011

Busaba, England by Bureaucrat

Ms B has been raving about how much she loves the food at Busaba, a Thai restaurant.

So for dinner one night, we went to Busaba.

Inside there was warm mood lighting and a communal dining set up.

For drinks, we both got the Guava Collins, a very delicious concotion of guava juice, lime, coconut and lime leaves.

Moving onto mains, Ms B got her favourite Thai green curry with monkfish with jasmine rice.

While I got the Pat King Talay, a stir fried dish comprised of prawn, squid, scallop and wood ear fungus. I also got a serve of jasmine rice. I liked the flavours of the stir fry and they were quite genuine flavours. However,I thought overall the serving size was on the small side. I'd classify Busaba as one of those restaurants where you count how many (or rather, how few) ingredients there are in each dish. There were two prawns, one scallop, about four pieces of squid, and the equivalent of one wood ear fungus.

Because I thought I wouldn't be full with the stir fry, half way through my meal, I ordered a side dish of pandan chicken. For a side dish, this was actually quite a reasonable size. Tender chunks of chicken thigh meat, marinated with garlic and coriander. Eating them was a bit finnicky, as you had to cut open the pandan leaves to get to the chicken. These were quite tasty, with a mild garlic and coriander flavour. They were served with a sauce, which I think was a reduced soya sauce with sesame seeds.

I liked Busaba. In particular, the range of dishes that's available, and everything that I tried was quite tasty and genuinely Thai in flavour.

We went on a Thursday night. The place was almost at full capacity when we arrived for dinner (around 7.30pm). By the time we left, there was a queue of people waiting for tables.

44 Floral Street
Covent Garden WC2E 9DA
Telephone: 020 7759 0088

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