Monday, September 27, 2010

Switchboard Cafe, Melbourne CBD by Snooze

Big Fil and I are always on the search for the best, and hopefully most interesting, places to eat and we finally made it to the Switchboard Café in the Manchester Unity Arcade.

If it isn’t already, the Switchboard Café comes close to being the smallest café in Melbourne. The indoor seating for six is cannily incorporated in what once housed the switchboard for the Manchester Unity Building, with the “kitchen” under the stairs of the same building. They’re both a very squeezy fit.

Fortunately for those early to arrive, there is more seating outside in Howey Lane. But be warned, all the seating goes quickly, smoking is allowed outside, and Howey Lane can be a wind tunnel.

But it’s supposed to be all about the food and we’d best get on to it.

The menu is limited and with the soup not available because it’s spring, Big Fil and I plumped for the toasted sandwiches. We both enjoyed what we got.

Big Fil’s choice was for the toasted ham, gruyere cheese, tomato and chilli jam on sourdough. The sandwich was proof that having almost no space and a short menu isn’t required for good food because the sandwich was everything it should have been. The ingredients were fresh and well balanced, the choice of bread and toasting what it should have been, and the chilli jam adding a wonderful warmth.

Exactly the same can be said for the toasted artichoke heart, bocconcini, spinach and chilli jam on sourdough that I chose. I’d definitely choose it again, and I was happy to have had an excellent back up plan when the soup wasn’t on offer.

And because it was such a cheerless day and we sat outside (in the cold), we both opted for warming drinks. My tea was OK (although I love the reusing of novelty holiday spoons), with Big Fil enjoying his hot chocolate.

Two important things to note: it’s imperative to arrive early to eat in because bookings aren’t available and seats go early. It’s also necessary to be flexible because, despite shopping every day, storage is at a premium and once things run out they won’t be available until the following day. Other than that the owners are pleasant and helpful, service is quick and responsive and the food fresh, original and well prepared.

Food – 7.5
Service – 7.5
Ambience – 7
Price - 8

11-12 Manchester Unit Arcade
220 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
Tel: Not applicable

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