Monday, September 20, 2010

Peder Oxe, Copenhagen by Bureaucrat

Visiting Copenhagen was a bit of an anti-climax. After having fantasies of possibly glimpsing Princess Mary and eating exotic Danish food w good-looking and gregarious Danes, the reality fell a little short.

I had hoped to try alot of Danish food - open rye sandwiches, pickled fish, spirits, etc. However, wherever we went, we could only find American-style steak and burger places.

We did have one reasonable meal at Peder Oxe that served a small selection of Danish food. They had a charming way of doing things there - you turn on the light above your table when you're ready to order and a good-looking waitress in (I'm guessing) Danish-styled livery comes over.

For starters, we ordered potted Danish shrimp w carraway bread. The entree was the same price as the main. The shrimp were small but very sweet. I wondered if they added sugar in the shrimp. It was quite nice and fresh. The flavour of the shrimp went really well w the carraway bread, butter and dill.

The Lawyer ordered the mussels in white wine and garlic. It's a classic dish and it was done finger-licking good. The serving was quite generous and they really got the balance of the garlic-wine-parsley flavour down pat. It was served w hand cut chips. Usually, I find such dishes leave us hungry, but the Lawyer was quite replete afterwards!

I ordered the Argentinian steak w bearnaise sauce. I never had Argentinian steak before - and it lived up to its reputation of being very flavoursome and tender. It was served with a massive roast potato.

The service and ambiance was nice. The food was well presented. It would have been better if they offered more Danish main courses (they depressingly had more options for burgers than any other type of main course).

Peder Oxe
Graabroedretorv 11
1154 Copenhagen K
Telephone: 45 3311 0077

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