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Dream Dumplings, Box Hill by Obelix

You know a place has something going for it if more than one Eat and Be Merry Crew independently chooses the same place to dine at.  The Bureaucrat was introduced to Dream Dumplings recently; while I discovered this delicious foodie experience by happenstance.  This was one made by P who was circling around the Box Hill Centro food court, uninspired, wanting just to grab a quick bite before ducking off to run some errands, when the owner of Dream Dumplings in the food court struck up a conversation with him.

Dream Dumplings, Box Hill, crab and pork xiao long baos
Crab and pork xiao long baos

The brief exchange went something along the lines of this - the owner proudly stated he made the best pan fried pork buns, just like the ones people queue up for miles for back in Shanghai.  P then smacked his lips, saliva drooling and promptly handed over his money for the said fried buns.  The rest is history.  Because we've been back multiple times since.

Dream Dumplings, Box Hill, pan fried pork buns
The pan fried pork buns are the piece de resistance.  They are made fresh upon ordering therefore prepare to wait 15 minutes or so, but the wait is oh so worth it.  They lovingly dribble out gingery, meaty juices when bitten into.

Dream Dumplings, Box Hill, pan fried pork buns
The base is crispy from the pan and the dome of dough surround the sides and top are comfortingly soft.  They come in a serve of six.  I would like to scarf down at least a dozen but then I wouldn't have tummy room for the xiao long baos...

Dream Dumplings, Box Hill, xiao long bao
Cue xiao long baos (see first pic also).  Little wee soup dumplings wrapped in thin delicate wrappers.  My favourite are the pork and crab meat ones. The crab meat lends a savoury umami-ness which complement the pork flavours.  Dunk these with the mandatory black vinegar and roll your eyes back as the flavours mingle and dance on your tastebuds.

Dream Dumplings, Box Hill, chicken chive prawn dumplings
I always order an order of dumplings to take home with me... for later... maybe to eat in the car on the way home.... you know, in lieu of desserts.  The pan fried chicken, chive and prawn dumplings are perfect for take away.  They fit snugly in a noodle box.

Dream Dumplings, Box Hill, chicken chive prawn dumplings
They can also be crisped up on the sandwich press if you for some unfathomable reason were able to resist eating them on the way home.  These are also very moreish dunked into a dipping bowl of black vinegar to undercut the oil.


We loved it
We loved it.
Cheap eats
Cheap eats.


Did I mention you can feed yourself for about a tenner?  Cheap and cheerful.  And it's got gratis tea.  Worth a visit.

Find it at

Dream Dumplings
Box Hill Central (opposite Harris Scarf)
1 Main Street
Box Hill  Vic  3128

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