Friday, June 22, 2018

Dream Dumplings, Box Hill by Bureaucrat

I tend to avoid Box Hill.  I know there's a lot of good cheap food options in Box Hill but the density of the crowds and shops mean that I rarely step foot into this boxed hill.  However, dining out with Boy Chick these days means that one needs to be flexible.  Mother Hen suggested that we get a mid-week dumpling lunch inside the food court - since the renovation to the shopping centre, the food court is spacious with plenty of seating (especially if you get there before peak lunch hour) and there's even a play space for the littlies.

My last foray into the Box Hill food court found me at Grain Express (six years ago!).  The food was alright but it didn't wow me.  Grain Express is still there but Dream Dumplings has set up shop.  Mother Hen has eaten here are a few times and says the dumplings are pretty good.  She ordered for us two dishes to share.

Dream Dumplings, Box Hill, juicy pork buns
The first was the pan fried juicy pork buns.  Six good-sized buns with a reasonably fluffy bun.  The filling was piping hot and full of lovely porky soup (much like a xiao long bao but on a bigger scale).  In fact, we both had to change our tops when we got home because we got sprayed by the soup as we took the first bite into each bun.  The bottom on each bun had a nice golden crust to it.  Definitely worth ordering next time.  

Dream Dumplings, Box Hill, egg garlic chives pork dumplings
Going by the description of the ingredients, I'd typically avoid ordering these sort of dumplings.  But I was surprised that they were better than I thought they would be.  These egg, garlic chives and pork dumplings are fairly tasty.  The garlic chives didn't overpower the flavour and you couldn't really taste the egg.

Dream Dumplings, Box Hill


We really liked it
We really liked it.
Cheap eats
Cheap eats.


Dream Dumplings is pretty good.  I wouldn't mind going there again should I find myself in Box Hill.  The quality is above average and it's certainly good value (the two dishes came to about $18).

Find it at

Dream Dumplings
Box Hill Central
1 Main Street
Box Hill  Vic  3128

Dream Dumplings Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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