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The Beer & Burger Bar, Richmond by Bureaucrat

Winter weather brings on the need to carbo-load.  Notions of healthy eating are put to one side in preference for carbs, protein and fried goodness.  The Beer & Burger Bar in Richmond can certainly help with this.  Before turning up, I checked out their Instagram account - it's replete with blokes tucking into massive burgers, including "The Don" a mammoth burger made with 1.2kg of beef, 16 rashes of bacon, 400g of chips, two cans of soft drink plus all the usual burger trimmings.

The Beer & Burger Bar, Richmond
Lunch is served!

Dainty portions isn't what The Beer & Burger Bar is about.  So even our regular sized burgers were still quite hefty. 

The Beer & Burger Bar, Richmond, B.O.B
Although the Lawyer briefly entertained the idea of going for The Don (thank god, he didn't!) he went for the mighty B.O.B - beef patty, fried chicken, double bacon, pineapple, jalapenos and cola BBQ sauce.  He quite enjoyed his burger, especially the fried chicken.  A wriggling Boy Chick meant that I was distracted and didn't get a chance to try some of this burger - the beef patty and the bacon looked very enticing.

The Beer & Burger Bar, Richmond, hall of fame
Fame for those who've conquered The Don!

The Beer & Burger Bar, Richmond, pork roast burger
I went for the roast pork burger - it was loaded with pulled pork, grilled pineapple, apple relish, Asian slaw, pork scratchings and aioli.  The pork was nice and tender; as was the apple relish and Asian slaw.  However, I would have preferred the relish and slaw to have been zingier in flavour to help cut through the meatiness of the burger.  I really liked the nuggets of crispy scratchings - yum!

The Beer & Burger Bar, Richmond, sides
We just had to get some sides to go with our burgers!  We got a serve of medium chips (nice and fluffy), chips with gravy and cheese (oh so moreish!) and onion rings (light and crisp with a sweeter-than-usual batter). I loved how all the sides had a beautiful golden colour.

The Beer & Burger Bar, Richmond, milkshakes
The Beer & Burger Bar boasts over 40 local and international craft beers.  However, as the Lawyer and I aren't big on beer, we went for their milkshakes.  We got the Malteser and Berry Crunch milkshakes - both were lovely and thick.

The Beer & Burger Bar, Richmond

The Beer & Burger Bar, Richmond


We really liked it
We really liked it.
Mid value
Mid value.


The burgers here are pretty big!  While there is a vegetarian option, this is definitely caters to those with a carnivorous bent.  Servings are generous.

We've been told that the Beer & Burger Bar doesn't take bookings and that they can get very busy on Friday nights, weekends and footy nights.

The service is very friendly and considerate - we were given an extra plate for Boy Chick without prompting and they didn't seem to mind when he had a mini tantrum... yikes!

The Eat and Be Merry Crew were guests of the Beer & Burger Bar.

Find it at

The Beer & Burger Bar
112 Swan Street
Richmond VIC 3121
Phone: (03) 9429 5934

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