Monday, July 10, 2017

Misty's Diner, Prahran by Rockstar

When the Eat and Be Merry Crew were offered the opportunity to try some new dishes at Misty's Diner I jumped at the chance. I shop at Prahran market regularly and have walked or driven past so many times but in all that time never ventured in.

Misty's Diner, Prahran
Our thick shakes served by our friendly waitress!

It's a hot pink retro vibe inside with vinyl records and US number plates decorating the walls, and jukeboxes at all the tables!

Misty's Diner, Prahran, soft drinks
We got to sample some US soft drinks - I'm a picky pop drinker so I preferred the funky designs though the effervescent big red was a bubbly way to get a sugar high!

Misty's Diner, Prahran, mac and cheese balls
The mac and cheese balls were a good way to warm up after coming in from the killer Melbourne winter weather.

Misty's Diner, Prahran, BBQ ribs
BBQ ribs

Misty's Diner, Prahran, blooming onion
Blooming onion

The ribs were lovely, tender and tasty with the barbecue sauce a perfect complement. They were worth the sticky fingers! I'm not an onion fan, but my Diner date, the Queenslander enjoyed the blooming onion and onion rings.

Misty's Diner, Prahran, trailer park trash
Trailer park trash

Misty's Diner, Prahran, pig out platter
Pig out platter

The Trailer Park Trash, buttermilk crumbed fried chicken, mashed potatoes, white gravy, garlic bread and a side of salad is a big meal! That mash is beautifully buttery and more-ish. The chicken was good but I LOVED the chicken bites in the pig out platter - crispy outside, juicy and yum inside. My idea of perfect fried chicken.

Misty's Diner, Prahran, buffalo chicken salad
I'd definitely go back for the buffalo chicken salad - and I'd be subbing for chicken bites. The Queenslander loved the buffalo chicken salad - spicy dipping sauce, and a crunchy chopped ranch dressed salad.

Misty's Diner, Prahran, Misty's burger challenge
A large work group was there at the same time - three of the guys successfully completed the Misty's Burger Challenge and won a tee...that's 3 hamburger buns, 5 beef patties, 5 slices of cheese, 5 slices of bacon as well as fries.... eaten in less than 14 minutes 4 seconds! Wowsers!!!

I wasn't as full as the challenge winners, but I was pretty full after all that. The desserts are American OTT!!! The Reese's Pieces thick shake was a winner - more a dessert than a drink (see first pic). Thick and peanutty and chocolatey!!!

Misty's Diner, Prahran, cherry pie
Cherry pie

Misty's Diner, Prahran, pumpkin pie
Pumpkin pie

And they have pie - lots of pie! The cherry pie was picture perfect! The Queenslander finally got to try pumpkin pie- she was braver than I was!!! She liked it - she thought it was more cinnamony than pumpkiny!

Misty's Diner, Prahran

Misty's Diner, Prahran


We liked it
We liked it.
Mid value
Mid value.


A fun night out full of American classics - I'm pretty sure you won't leave hungry!!

The Eat and Be Merry Crew were guests of Misty's Diner.

Find it at

Misty's Diner
103-105 High Street
Prahran  3181 Vic
Tel: (03) 9510 1959

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Chloe said...

This place looks like a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

Chloe was a lot of fun and filling and full of all those US foods from movies and books!! The Reese's thick shake was mmm mmm mmm!!!The Rockstar

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