Sunday, July 2, 2017

El Churro Cafe, Hawthorn by Obelix

Seeking something to satisfy our sweet craving following our epic Peking duck banquet at Old Kingdom, we stumbled into El Churro Cafe on Glenferrie Road one Saturday night.

Churros with caramel and dark chocolate sauce

El Churro is a cafe that serves not only its namesake of Spanish doughnuts but also other typical Spanish fare such as paella.  But we weren't interested in the savoury, we wanted the deep fried comfort of churros dipped in chocolate.

Churros with milk chocolate sauce

P and I shared a churro plate which came with a choice of dipping sauces.  We opted for the caramel and dark chocolate (see first pic).  J and K followed suit but with milk chocolate instead of the caramel.  The churros were warm and delicately spiced with sugar and cinnamon.  Our eyes were bigger than our stomachs as a plate of six churros were a bit too much for the two of us.  The churros themselves were moreishly crunchy.  Perhaps just veering on the side of too crispy as it came off as slightly dry in the centre.

P and K enjoyed their frozen granitas to go with.

J was persuaded to try a hot chocolate with a layer of Belgian chocolate at the bottom.  Very decadent.

I stuck to my green tea scented with rose which was lovely and aromatic.


We wouldn't return
We wouldn’t return.
Cheap eats
Cheap eats.


El Churro Cafe does a passable churro but better ones can be found at various food trucks around town.

Find it at

El Churro Cafe
710 Glenferrie Road
Hawthorn Vic 3122
Phone: 9818 6561

El Churro Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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