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Interlude Patisserie, Mount Waverley by Bureaucrat

Maybe it's the cold weather, but lately, we've been on a cake-eating binge.  We struck gold at Nikos Cakes with its impressive range of Continental pastries and biscuits.  And now, we've found frankincense at Interlude Patisserie.

Interlude Patisserie, Mount Waverley
I eat all the pastries so that French women don't get fat

I spotted this delightful and oh-so-French patisserie when driving down Huntingdale Road.  There was a bicycle and a little sign pointing into Essex Street announcing that coffee and pastries were to be had.  This unassuming strip of shops is home to a a haven of all things delightfully French in pastry and bread form.  As with Nikos Cakes, since going there the first time, I was back there again within the week to support local small businesses indulge in my sweet tooth.

What I love about Interlude Patisserie the most is that they're not stingy when it comes to using the proper amounts of butter - you can taste and feel the butteryness and flakiness of the pastry (I loathe bakeries that have croissants that taste and feel like bread because they skimp on the butter - honestly, why even make it if you're not going to do it properly?).  Also, the bakers there are very skilled in ensuring that while these are sweet things are not sickly sweet - the sweetness is perfectly balanced.

Interlude Patisserie, Mount Waverley, palmier
Of the items I've tried so far (yes, it's a work-in-progress to try as many of the pastries and cakes), it's hard to pick a favourite - they're all good.  But if I had to pick a favourite, then it'd be the palmiers. I've never been a fan of this flaky, biscuity-pastry until now.  Now I can definitely see why people love this.  It's gorgeously buttery in flavour.  There is a subtle mellow caramel flavour coming through which doesn't over power.  It's flaky and incredibly delicate and you can taste the many, many layers of pastry.  It's delicious, it's divine, it's mine!

Interlude Patisserie, Mount Waverley, almond croissant
Similarly, I've never been a fan of almond croissants until now.  The croissant itself is light-as-air, while the almond-sugar-butter 'paste' that is inside the croissant is a little bit denser in texture.  There's definitely a kick of something boozy in it - I think it's rum.  With toasted almond flakes and a dusting of sugar this is a grown-up treat.  And I love the size of it!

Interlude Patisserie, Mount Waverley, lemon tart
The lemon tart was sublime!  The lemony filling was smooth, perfectly tart and had a gorgeous wobbly body to it.  They bakers there obviously took a lot of time and care to make the lemon filling. The pastry was buttery and had a nice crumble.  It was topped with little bits of marshmallows.

Interlude Patisserie, Mount Waverley, chocolate caramel tart
The chocolate caramel tart was also seductively smooth. What I liked most was that despite the fact that was a chocolate and caramel tart that it wasn't tooth-achingly sweet.

Interlude Patisserie, Mount Waverley
I'll have one of each, please!

Interlude Patisserie, Mount Waverley


We loved it
We loved it.
Cheap eats
Cheap eats.


This was a brilliant find!  Perfect pastries galore.  Next time I'm trying the mini eclairs.  If sweet things aren't your thing, there are light meals available too.  Also on the menu are high tea (but I think they need 24 hours notice).  What else to share... There's a terrace out the back and there's happy hour on bread after 3pm each day (50% discount on prices).

Interlude Patisserie is only a few streets down from the famed Archie's fish and chips - so if you have any room left, you can grab some delish fish and chips for dinner!

Find it at

Interlude Patisserie
9 Essex Road
Mount Waverley VIC 3149
Phone: (03) 9806 0074

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