Sunday, October 16, 2016

Meatworks Steak Out, Brighton by Bureaucrat

It's a real pity that there aren't many proper bookstores around anymore.  So I found myself in Brighton again - this time I was on the hunt to add to my collection of Peanuts books.  While I wasn't able to locate my beloved comics, I did, however, zero in on a very delicious lunch.  You're spoilt for choice when it comes to dining options in the Brighton shopping precinct.  There are very smart cafes and very la-di-dah (yet not overly stuffy) restaurants abound. However, I eschewed all of them fancy eateries for Meatworks Steak Out - a butcher's shop cum takeaway outlet.  I couldn't ignore the incredibly delicious aroma of grilled meats and onions wafting down the street.  Better yet was the fact that because Meatworks is an upmarket butcher's shop that the meat on offer included gourmet offerings, such as wagyu mince and grain-fed beef.  Best of all, you could get a substantial, fresh lunch for $10... score!

Meatworks Steak Out, Brighton, steak roll
I chose the pepper steak roll.  A delicious soft roll that was stuffed with lots of tender beef and caramelised onions.  What I also liked was that the meat was cooked-to-order, so it was nice and fresh and piping hot. Add fresh salad to it, and you've got a meal! I wolfed this down plenty quick. The price also comes with your choice of drink (can of soda or water).

Meatworks Steak Out, Brighton, steak roll
The money shot...

Meatworks Steak Out, Brighton


We loved it
We loved it.


Yummo!  There's about 10 options to choose from, which includes breakfast rolls.  The food is tasty and very good quality.  It's a clear favourite among the locals who come by to get their fix of cheap and yummy lunch.

Find it at

Meatworks Steak Out
39A Church Street
Brighton VIC 3186

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