Monday, October 10, 2016

Big Mummas Pizza, Surrey Hills by Obelix

Fusion cuisine is so common place in the fine dining area that it considered de rigueur. I must admit my curiosity was piqued when I stumbled across Big Mummas Pizza which served home styled Moroccan cuisine alongside regular suburban styled pizzas. 

Big Mummas is owned by a Moroccan husband and wife team who merged Moroccan flavours into their pizzas alongside delicious traditional Moroccan tagines.

chicken safi pizza;  big mummas pizza
Case in point was their Chicken Safi pizza. This was a chicken pizza but instead of the regular passata sauce, it had a Moroccan flavoured sauce with chermoula and topped with yoghurt. It was a twist on the familiar. Very popular with Kiddo who declared it tasted better the next day. We have had it many times since.

vegetarian couscous;  big mummas pizza
Kiddo was also quite partial to their vegetarian couscous. It was a medley of pumpkin, cabbage, chickpeas and zucchini served with couscous.

chicken fatima;  big mummas pizza
I loved their Chicken Fatima. This was a slow cooked chicken with red onion, Moroccan spices, sultanas, cinnamon and saffron served with couscous. It was simultaneously sweet and savoury. Ultimate comfort food.

neopolitana pizza;  big mummas pizza
As well as traditional Moroccan fare, Big Mummas does regular stock standard pizza. We tried their Napolitano which unusually came with anchovies and olives which we loved for its saltiness. The crust was nice and thin.

mexicana pizza;  big mummas pizza
The Mexicana was also a good pick with salami, chilli and capsicum.


We loved it
We loved it.


Big Mummas Pizza is so much more than a suburban pizza joint. With their traditional Moroccan offerings as well as pizza, there is something for everyone here. It is take away only.

Find it at

Big Mummas Pizza
589 Whitehorse Road
Surrey Hills Vic 3127
Phone: 98807770

Big Mumma's Pizza Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 


Laura said...

Driven past lots of times, those pizzas look good! We must live very near each other..!

EatAndBeMerryCrew said...

Boroondara representing! It's a pretty decent place. We've been back a few times.

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